Hi! My name's eMCee.
18 years old.
Stil studying.
being happy
being alive
enjoying LIFE

and.... i'm justbeingME :)


  • "Mahal kita. Pero mahal ko din siya."

"Alam mo ba number ni Kuya Kim? Itatanong ko lang sana kung anong klaseng hayop yung may dalawang puso."

  • "I just realized that i don’t want to be attached."

"Isa kang malanding stapler!"

  • You’re too good for me.”

"Alam ko. Dahil…

4 months ago


Telling Stories through Food with @leesamantha

For more photos and videos of Samantha’s culinary artwork, follow @leesamantha on Instagram.

"When I first started creating food art, those in bento boxes (called charaben) had been around for a long time—but I was more interested in exploring food art out of the box and simplifying the technique,” says Malaysia Instagrammer Samantha Lee (@leesamantha). “Since then, I’ve developed my own unique style of storytelling on plates that explores a variety of subject matter and ingredients,” she adds.

A mother of two daughters, Samantha started devising ways to get them to eat in a healthier and more independent way by applying creativity to her presentation. She designs scenes on plates featuring celebrities, popular characters, animals and famous landmarks, made up mainly of local and fresh edible ingredients. Samantha’s ideas and creative inspiration come from a variety of fine arts as well as from her daughters, whom she describes as having “endless imagination”.

Samantha is also careful to keep food waste to a minimum. “Before I begin putting any new ideas on a plate, I sketch out my designs and write down ideas and ingredients I’ll be using. It helps me to be more organized and prevent food waste.” Her minimalistic approach shows in her camera work as well. She edits very little by choosing to shoot in natural light and avoids using too many props in her photos to “let the food art stand out and speak for itself.”

4 months ago


Pleated Jumper Skirt 25$ + free shipping

(via dolldelight)

4 months ago

It been what?… ilang months na rin ata since nung last post ko or more like bisita ko here sa tumblr. perooooooo… ito ako ngayon nagbabalik para lang i-post to…

Ang pic kasama ng idol kong si Kuya eM!! :))))) (sayang at medyo Low-Qual ang cam na gamit)

saya lang. nakita ko ulit siya ^_^ bonus pa yung nayakap ko siya(bango nya. hahaha). Super worth it yung pag-absent ko sa Thesis subject ko para lang makapunta sa book launch nya. (sana di to mabasa ng thesismates ko. xD)

Nakoooooo… kuya M!! super idol talaga kita! :))) congrats talaga…. the best ka!!

hahaha…ala na ko masabi.

basta… sa mga susunod pang book signing ng future books (tiwala akong maraming pang libro masusulat ang idol ko :)))) … present ako. :)

7 months ago
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